Released just in time for 2017's spring/summer season, my newest single, "Free," is guaranteed to give you all of the good vibes that this time of year exudes. It's definitely a "feel good" tune, with a message and energy catered to all audiences. As always, I hope you listen and enjoy. 

"Shine" is dynamic, powerful, and captivating. As my second single, released September 2016, it showcases me in a unique way, of which I'm excited to share with the world. The message within the lyrics I wrote for this song is one that I know will relate to others. 

Released October 2015, "There For Me" is my truth. I wrote it from a place of genuineness and authenticity. I sang it using the voice I’ve always known was inside of me. Both this song and this moment are like my babies who I’ve been so protective of, but am even more so ready and excited to share with the world. It’s me; honestly and truly, audibly for the first time. I hope you enjoy.